“Printella shares no nonsense, yet compassionate ideas as to how to achieve success.  You will not only learn how to become more successful from reading this book, you will enjoy every minute you spend reading it.”

~ Pat Council
Host of “Designing Your Life Today”


“If you want to get more out of life Staying on Course in business and Life will do this for you. A get real, honest book, that will share with you the tools to use in your life for a positive change. I recommend Staying on Course for anyone who wants to change from a mediocre life, to a more fulfilling journey.”

~ Georgiana M. Conover-Akhurst
Educator, Florida State College


“Prin’s book is a must read for anyone who wants to take their life and or business to the next level. The success principals that Prin discusses are the same ones that she implemented to make her life a true success.  Prin walks her talk in a big way!”

~ Scott S. Armstrong
International Author & Founder and President of the Boulder Coaching Academy


“We all have life changes. We learn that some noted life changers are marriage, birth, death, and job issues. In my life, I have one to add. Reading Prin’s book has been a motivational life changer that moved me to action the week after I read it. Using Prin’s book as my guide, I’m now the owner of T-3 Video Productions. I have already established contacts and confirmed video projects by following her principals listed in here book.”

~ Deacon Richard B. Lane
Owner, T-3 Video Productions

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