What Are Your Intentions for 2022

December 26, 2021 by  
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2022 is just around the corner, have you made your intentions clear for the New Year? Now is a great time to start thinking about what it is you want to achieve, manifest and do in the coming 12 months. Now don’t overwhelm yourself, you don’t have to get it all figured out before the […]


November 30, 2021 by  
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I love these inspirational quotes about giving thanks. This time of year my heart fills with joy for friends and family. I love celebrating the holidays with them and Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – […]

Are You Ready for the Holidays?

November 2, 2021 by  
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Halloween was barely over and suddenly Christmas lights, displays, and ads are everywhere! It seems as if the holiday season is exploding and we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet. This could be a strange holiday season. There are not enough service workers in most industries – you’ve probably noticed some of your favorite stores and […]

Offering Grace

January 31, 2021 by  
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Last time I wrote I mentioned offering grace to make 2021 a better year. It got me thinking about a conversation I had recently. Not long ago I met a woman from Minnesota who was telling me about the snowstorms up there and how they brought out the best in people. Everyone would help out […]

We are the Creators of Our own Destiny

January 7, 2014 by  
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Did you know that we are the creators of our own destiny? However, the power is unleashed through your belief… What is it that you want to accomplish in life and most importantly, what are willing to do to attain your goal(s)?

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