10 Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope you have a marvelous day and get to spend it with someone you love. Whether that’s a significant other, spouse, child, parent, pet, best friend or even yourself, take a moment today to spread a little love.

Of course celebrating Valentine’s Day with a significant other is fun, and can be a wonderful way to celebrate the love you share with someone, but if you’re not with someone it can feel like a lonely holiday. Suddenly the singleness you were okay with feels like a big albatross around your neck. You might find yourself explaining why you are single or worse – you might start trolling dating sites like Tinder and Plenty of Fish.

Stop swiping, put down your phone and spend some time loving your glorious self.

10 ways to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day

Spa it up!

Head out to your local nail salon or book a last minute facial. It might even be possible to get some time with a massage therapist. Pamper yourself today because you deserve it.


Grab your best friend and head out to your local watering hole for a little two-stepping (or whatever dance is the local craze). Dancing gets your blood pumping and that sends endorphins rushing to your brain which sends happiness signals throughout your body (it’s science, really). It’s practically impossible to feel down when you’re dancing so cut a rug, kick up your heels and dance the night away.


Like dancing, singing releases happiness hormones to the brain that makes us feel good. You don’t have to do karaoke in front of strangers, even singing at the top of your lungs while stuck in traffic can light up your hippocampus.

Eat Dessert First

Maybe not everyday, but once in awhile it’s okay to indulge. On a day such as Valentine’s Day it’s nice to remind yourself that you are special and deserve a treat every now and again. The key is now and again – if the treat is enjoyed daily it is no longer a treat, just something that needs working off at the gym.

Catch a Movie

If you’ve never been to a movie alone, you don’t know what a glorious time you’ve been missing. Go out and see that movie you’ve been dying to see. Get the big bucket of popcorn, through some Junior Mints in the bucket and have a grand old time while no one interrupts you or asks you what’s going on. You’ll make it a regular habit to see movies by yourself.

Visit a Shelter

Nothing feels better than cuddling with a fur baby on a cold evening. If you don’t have your own fuzzy pet at home, go to your local shelter and spend some time with the pooches and kittens. You might even bring home a new best friend.


Help is always needed at the local food bank or shelter. Volunteer your time to those in need and you’ll have a greater appreciation for how we are all connected.

Give Blood

Blood banks are always in need of blood. If you’ve never donated blood before consider it this Valentine’s Day, you could save a life, and there is no greater love than that.

Become a Donor

If you haven’t already, make a note to become an organ donor next time you get your license renewed.

Accepting What Is

Now it’s time to get a little zen with the whole loving yourself thing. Accepting what is is a wonderful way to feel love for yourself and others. Accepting what is is about letting go of expectations and just being content with the things that are in your world right now. This doesn’t mean you stop striving for the things you want, it just means you appreciate what you have.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!




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