15 Things You Can Do Now to Create a Better World

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Looking to inspire or be inspired? Looking to make a positive impact on your community, on the world around you? Here are 25 things you can do now to create a better world.

  1. Recycle – Most of already recycle, most communities have made it super easy to put your recyclables out with the trash, there’s hardly any sorting anymore. Recycling aluminum, glass, paper, etc… helps to save energy because it reduces the need to harvest new materials. Aluminum is 100% recyclable as is glass. Recycling lessens the amount of junk that goes into our landfills.
  2. Purchase glass and aluminum instead of plastic – Knowing that aluminum and glass are 100% recyclable, there’s no reason to purchase sodas in any other material. Plastic water bottles are filling up our landfills, lakes, rivers and streams. Use reusable water bottles instead of disposable ones.
  3. Say “please” and “thank you” – The more time we spend in front of our various monitors and devices the more we seem to lose all that our mothers taught us. Mind your manners and treat others with respect and kindness. It’s easy and it always pays forward.
  4. Volunteer – If you have extra time, by all means volunteer in a way that is meaningful to you. It could be picking up trash in your neighborhood park or spending time at the food bank. However you choose to serve a little goes a long way.
  5. Turn your cell phone off in the theater – This should go without saying but if you’re in the movie theater, turn off your phone so you don’t disturb the other people in the theater.
  6. Shop locally – The big box stores are great for bargains, but it’s important to support local businesses too. Shop at mom and pop stores and restaurants in your community to keep the area vibrant.
  7. Take a walk – Most of us spend too much time at our desks and not enough time out in the fresh air. Take a walk in the early morning or late evening to avoid the heat.
  8. Pick up your dog’s waste – If you walk your dog be sure to pick up your dog’s waste. There’s nothing worse than finding someone else’s dog doo on your shoe when walking down the street. It’s common courtesy and common sense.
  9. Unplug – Turn off the computer and other devices and spend time with friends in real life. Go to the local pub or have a BBQ in your backyard, spend time with the people who mean a lot to you, you’ll all be happier for having done so.
  10. Plant a garden – There’s nothing as satisfying as growing your own fruits and veggies. If you are new to gardening start small with a few containers of tomatoes or some fresh herbs. If gardening isn’t your thing at least support your local farmers’ market. You’ll be supporting local farmers and reaping the benefits of fresh, locally grown produce.
  11. Become and organ donor – When it’s time to renew your driver’s license, be sure to check the box for organ donation. You could save multiple lives.
  12. Declutter – Get rid of the clutter in your home and donate it to people who are in need. We all accumulate things we don’t use, put it to good use and free up some space in your home at the same time.
  13. Rescue a pet – Spring is a time when animal shelters are full to the brim with animals. Support your local animal shelter and bring home your new best friend.
  14. Relax – Take a deep breath and relax. Practice mindfulness and live in the moment instead of worrying about the past or the future. You’ll be much more productive, happy and healthy if you do.
  15. Be grateful – Each day be sure to take a moment to be thankful for all that you do have.
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