Being Thankful

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner. That means celebrating with family and friends usually over a large meal. For many the day is a reminder to give service to those less fortunate. And for some, it’s a day of football. However you choose to spend this wonderful holiday, try to take a moment to be thankful.

Practicing gratitude is something we talk about here frequently. We do it because it is something that can make everyone’s life more fulfilling and because being thankful is a way to manifest more of the good into your life. More good in one person’s life translates to more good in more people’s lives.

You probably already practice gratitude, though you may not be mindful of it when you are doing it. That’s a great start, to be genuinely thankful, but carving out time each day to practice gratitude can bring abundance into your life that you never dreamed possible. So how do you do that?

Make a list – I find making lists the best way to get in touch and connect with all that I am thankful for. It’s an easy way to take an inventory of all the ways I have been blessed and seeing it on paper is a profound and moving experience. If I only make a mental list of the things for which I am grateful I might not be able to appreciate that I have been so blessed.

Read the list – After I have made my list of things I am thankful for for that day I read it out loud. Again, this makes everything on my list seem more tangible and concrete, even if the things I am thankful for are only ideas. I read my list at least twice a day, but in times of stress or sadness I have been known to read it many times in a day.

Say “Thank you” – I’m one of those people who thanks the vending machine or the ATM. Not because I am scatterbrained or ditzy, but because I am thankful for the service and convenience they provide me. I am truly thankful to man, beast and machine for making my life so much easier.

Thank yourself – Sometimes we forget to thank ourselves and this is a great disservice. As humans, we tend to overlook our own contributions to our family, friends, community and society. By taking stock of all that we do for our family and community, we can stay grounded and in connection with the good we provide. By thanking ourselves we remind ourselves that we are worthy and to continue on this path is noble.

Practicing gratitude can look different to everyone so don’t think you have to do it one specific way. As long as you take time each day to be aware of all the goodness you have, then you’re doing it right.

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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