Count Your Blessings

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As the holiday seasons kicks into overdrive, now is a wonderful time to remember to count your blessings. It’s very easy to get caught up in the stress of the holiday season and find yourself feeling depressed, overwhelmed, even angry at all you have to do this time of year. This time of year it isn’t uncommon that we have extremely high expectations for the holiday and those around us. Having such unreasonable expectations can only lead to disappointment so now is a good time to reign them in and remember what is important this holiday season.

It’s not the perfect gift, the perfect meal, the perfect tree or really anything perfect.

The most important part of the holiday season is connecting with those we love, cherishing what we have been given and giving thanks for all the wonders around us.

Counting your blessings, especially when things are hectic, can seem like one more chore to tick off before the guests come over, but if you make a point to count your blessings every day it won’t feel like a chore and you’ll reap all the benefits that come from counting your blessings.

Benefits of Counting Your Blessings

Mood Boosting – Counting your blessings can improve your mental health. When you’re feeling down, or depressed during the holiday season, taking time to take stock of the wonderful things in your life is a real mood booster. It’s difficult to remain sad when you realize how much you truly do have.

Body Boosting – According to recent studies, people who practice gratitude experience fewer aches and pains and self report that they feel better than those who do not practice gratitude. They also found those who count their blessings exercise more and make healthier choices.

Better Sleep – Counting your blessings can actually help you sleep better. Spending just a few minutes writing down what you are grateful for, or even listing it in your head, has proven to help people sleep better.

Increase Self Esteem – When you count your blessings you don’t compare yourself to others as much. You aren’t concerned with what the Joneses are up to because you’re focused on the wonderful things in your life. Not comparing yourself to others boosts your self esteem. Give it a try.

The holidays can be a difficult season, but if you take a few minutes out of each day to give thanks for all that you have the holiday season can be a wonderful time. I hope you have a fantastic holiday!

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