Daily Affirmations

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Last time we talked about manifesting for beginners. Part of manifesting anything is to practice positive affirmations on a daily basis. Instead of letting our interior monologue go on and on about how bad we are at something, we affirm all that is good about us. The problem is, sometimes it’s difficult to come up with a daily affirmation and we get stuck in a rut. The following are some universal affirmations that can be used. Of course, you can change them up too. A great resource for affirmations is Louise Hay’s website, be sure to check that out.

Spend some time each morning or evening and practice one or two daily affirmations. Many people find that starting the day with positive affirmations gets the momentum going for a great and positive day. On the other hand, many people love ending their day on a positive note. Do them whenever it feels best for you, in fact, you can do them many times a day. I often find myself doing my affirmations when I’m stuck in traffic or waiting in line at the grocery store.

Daily Affirmations

All creatures are miraculous, therefore I am a miracle.

I welcome love into my life from all sources.

I love my body.

Everyone deserves happiness, I deserve happiness.

I am at peace right now, in this moment.

I have a beautiful life, the ups and downs make it interesting and worth the journey.

I see beauty in everything I see.

I respect myself, and will treat myself with respect.

I have created a wonderful life.

My success is well earned and I enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I am proud of the things I have accomplished, I will not be shy about them.

I am the person people can count on.

My confidence is so strong that those around me feel confident too.

I live in the present.

I have let go of the past.

I love myself.

I am healthy.

My body is a healing machine.

Each day I am a better person than the I was the day before.

I bring joy to those around me.

I am grateful for all that the universe provides me.

I have an abundance of all that I could ever desire.

I have exactly everything I need at this moment.

I inhale strength and exhale love.

My home is a peaceful and loving place.

I can focus my mind at any time.

I am in control of my thoughts.

I am in control of my actions.

I don’t need to make excuses.

Life is wonderful and I am grateful for all that I have.

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