Dealing with Change

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If you’ve been reading my blog, or have read my book, then you’re likely interested in the law of attraction. When you commit yourself to bringing about positive change in your life it can be exciting, but too much change can also become very overwhelming. So, how do you keep calm when you’ve manifested massive change in your life?

Take a look at what’s frightening you. Why is it that we tend to freak  out when things in our life start to change, isn’t this change exactly what we’ve been asking for? Well, yes, but that doesn’t mean we trust it. The bad things in our lives tend to leave a deeper impression than the good things, because of this we tend to expect things to go wrong. When things start to go our way we expect there to be a turn around where it’s all taken from us and we end up in a worse place than before. That when something goes well, it’s due to luck rather than our own manifestation.

Don’t let these negative thoughts get to you! This fear and self doubt that we start to feel can start to manifest itself in our life and actually turn things around for the worse, exactly what we were afraid of in the first place.

So how can you avoid feeling frightened when your life starts to change all around you?

Focus, focus, focus.

Here are some tips to help you focus

  • Believe that you DO have power over your life.
  • Understand that your focus is a very powerful tool, and that when you start to doubt your self and your life you’re attracting the things you don’t want.
  • View the world as a positive place.
  • Believe that the purpose in your life is to thrive.
  • Believe in others and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Tips on how to keep yourself from freaking out

  • Expect change to be good
  • Don’t micromanage
  • Avoid taking huge leaps without a safety net
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