Help is Still Needed for Victims of Hurricane Irma

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As a resident of Jacksonville, I know first hand how devastating the recent hurricane Irma has been on our community. If you would like to donate either your time or money to those who have been impacted by the recent hurricane please click here for a list of places you can give your time or money.

It’s been several weeks since Hurricane Irma made landfall on Florida and most of the newscasters and reporters have gone back home. It will be years before we fully recover from the hurricane and subsequent flooding. Just because it’s not front page news doesn’t mean people still need help.

It is these kinds of disasters that bring out the best in people. Sure, there are stories of people looting and stealing and there will always be those who create scams and take advantage of those in need, but for the most part, people shine during times of strife. Click here to read many beautiful acts of kindness following the hurricane.

Many people would like to help the victims of Hurricane Irma, but don’t know how or don’t have the resources to help. What I say to that is you can always pray and ask the universe to provide the necessary support to those in need. It may seem like a small thing to say a prayer, but praying for someone else is wonderful gift.

While I don’t begin to know the reasons why bad things happen to good people I do know that out of disaster there is always something beautiful. I encourage you to look for the beauty and grace around you. To acknowledge it and celebrate it especially as we are cleaning up from this devastating storm. The more we focus on beauty and grace the more we will attract it to our lives.

Help is still needed for those victims of hurricane Irma, please consider donating your home, your time or your money to help those in need.




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