How Gratitude Affects the Human Body

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Thank you.” These two little words may not seem exceptional on their own, but they can have an enormous impact on your mental and physical well-being. According to a number of studies, gratitude can actually make you calmer, thinner and overall healthier. Take a look at this infographic designed by dezinegirl for | Huffington Post | American Greetings.

By learning to become a more grateful person, you can also become happier overall!

Overall Benfits

Calm Down – Becoming more grateful can lower the number of stress hormones such as cortisol by as much as 23%!

Healthier Heart – You can decrease your blood pressure and lower your heart rate!

Breathe Easier – This may be a bit of  a stretch, but by becoming a more gracious person, you’re more likely to make healthier decisions. Including not smoking tobacco.

Slim Down – In a study those that were more grateful overall were found to spend 36% more time exercising.

Stronger Immunity – Gratitude can be linked with optimism which can improve the bodies immune response.

And many other psychological benefits.

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