How to Create a Vision Board

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Before I explain how to create a vision board, it’s probably a good idea to tell you what a vision board is. In its simplest form, a vision board is a collection of images and notes that are attached to a board and placed somewhere that you will see it often.

However, a vision board is much more than just a collection of images and notes, it shows what you want to do, have, and be in the future. Because it’s placed somewhere that you will see daily it is a great way to keep you goals and dreams fresh in your mind every day.

It can be easy to push our dreams out of our immediate thoughts when there is so much going on in our daily lives, but in order to achieve these dreams, it’s very important to always have them in the backs of our minds, if not at the forefront.

Our thoughts are powerful. Keep them focused on the things that you want from life and that energy will naturally flow to help you achieve those dreams.

Now. . .

How to Create a Vision Board


Poster board (You can usually find poster board at Target, Walmart, and most craft stores.)

A collection of magazines (Finding a large enough variety of magazines can be difficult. You can also consider finding images online and printing them out specifically to post onto your vision board.)



Step 1

Go through the magazines and pull images, articles, and headlines that mean something to you and the goal that you have set for yourself. Make sure to collect a bunch!

Step 2

Now it’s time to go through the images that you have cut out and start eliminating some that you feel aren’t quite right for your vision board. This step is to make sure you’re only putting relevant images on your board. Arrange the images on your board in a way that you think looks/feels best.

Step 3

Time to break out the glue! This step is where you will start gluing all of your images to your board. You can also writing things on your board. Feel free to go a little wild. Paints, markers, a little glitter, whatever you think is best.

Step 4

Hang it up! Make sure you put it somewhere that you will see it everyday.

Need some inspiration?

Vision Board Inspiration Samples on Pinterest

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