Making 2021 a Great Year

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Let’s face it, last year was probably one of the worst years many of us have ever experienced. Many of us lost our jobs, many of us lost businesses we’ve worked our lives for, many of us lost loved ones to a horrible virus that we’re still battling. Individually and collectively – 2020 was a horrible year.

So the bar for 2021 is pretty low.  I know many people who are afraid to put much hope into this year for fear we’ll have a repeat of the last one. It’s an understandable position – the virus is still here, our economy is a shambles and politics is frightening. There’s good reason to be a little fearful of what the new year will bring.

While understandable, that doesn’t seem like the right attitude for me. I’m going into 2021 with great expectations. I know this year will be wonderful, though I also expect there to be some challenges – healthy expectations is what I’m bringing to the table. And so can you. Now is a great time to start making 2021 a great year. It really is in your hands.

“What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract, what you imagine, you become.” – Anonymous


Believe that this year will be a great year. Accept that there will be challenges, there always are, but if you go into the new year with a winning attitude you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. We’ve all known someone who through nothing more than faith achieved great things. The cancer patient who willed themselves cancer free, the start-ups that no one believed in. The world is filled with stories of people who through nothing more than belief achieved amazing things. There’s no downside to having faith in yourself so do.


This past year it was difficult, almost impossible, to connect except through a device like a computer or smart phone. Sure, it’s better than nothing during a pandemic, but connection is how humans thrive. To go without it is akin to going without water or air. We need to connect deep within our souls.

Make a plan to connect more this year. It still may be challenging before the vaccine is available to everyone, but that time is coming. Unplug from the computer and meet up in real life when it is safe.


If you’re like most of us during the early part of 2020, you probably did a bit of Konmari to your home. Suddenly being stuck in your home 24/7 is a great reason to get rid of the clutter that accumulates. If you didn’t get a chance to declutter your surroundings give it a try this year – you’ll feel a great sense of freedom from not having so many things to hold you back. It also makes moving a lot easier should you have to move. Keep what brings you happiness and let go of the things you haven’t used in the last year or that bring you sorrow. Going forward, resist impulse buys that we’re all guilty of purchasing.

Offer Grace

2020 was year that many of us had some very strong opinions, it was a divisive year and that caused many people to act in ways not very thankful. In fact, many people were downright mean and rude. While it’s understandable that we were not at our best behavior, it’s really no excuse. Make 2021 the year you offer grace and understanding. Scroll on by without engaging with someone you disagree. Offer words of encouragement rather than tear those down for thinking different than you. Let kindness come first.

Like every year, this year has the potential to be amazing – even when bad things happen. Believe it can be a great year and it will.

“We receive exactly what we expect to receive.” – John Holland

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