Manifesting for Beginners

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Manifesting is intentionally creating what you want. What that means is what you think, you become. If you would like to be more successful in your job you could manifest success by thinking about success.

Fake it ’til you make it – This is a common phrase that gets bantered around, but there’s a lot of truth to it. Most successful people acted as if they were successful long before they got that way.

Additionally like attracts like. If you act like the thing you wish to become, you will become it.

In that vein, manifesting is easy, and yet it takes practice to achieve. Most of us have an internal monologue going on at all times. And also for most of us, it tends to be negative. When you want to manifest anything into your life you need to change the way your internal monologue speaks to you.

Here are just some of the things we tell ourselves:

“I’m too fat.”

“I’m stupid.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“I’ll never amount to anything.”

“Why bother?”

We’re full of negativity and we don’t even realize it. So the first step in manifesting anything – money, love, success etc, is to pay attention to your thoughts.

That’s part of the reason worrying is such a waste of energy. When you worry, you’re thinking about the thing you don’t want to happen. The problem is, the universe makes no distinction. If you think about it, you will attract it and make it real.

  1. Get Control of your Thoughts –  Don’t let negativity take root in your brain. When it shows up, politely ask it to leave. If it still doesn’t leave you’ll need to kick it to the curb. Don’t worry, it gets easier as you practice more often.
  2. Imagine – You must be able to see yourself as you would like to become. If you want to manifest success into your life, then spend time imagining yourself being successful. Let’s say you wanted to become a best selling author. You could imagine yourself at a book store doing readings and signing your book. Spend time each day actively imagining yourself with that which you want to manifest.
  3. Believe it is Done – Now take it one step further – believe that which you want has already occurred. It’s out there, it just hasn’t made its way to you yet. You have to believe it exists and it will find you when it’s time.
  4. Affirmations – Practicing affirmations each day is a wonderful way to stay connected to the positive. Once you’ve kicked the negative thoughts out of your head, you can replace them with affirmations – instead of saying “I’m stupid” you would tell yourself “I have much to learn, and I am looking forward to the knowledge I will gain.” Instead of saying “I’m too fat” you could say “My body is a miraculous thing, it has the power to protect me against famine, and I am grateful for that.”
  5. Be Grateful – Practicing gratitude is key to manifesting. You must be grateful for what you have and what you will have. They are one and the same. It can be difficult to wrap your head around, and there are some really great books that delve deeper into gratitude, but the general gist of it is that if you are thankful for that which you have, the universe will give you more.

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