Secret to Success – Feed Your Mind Daily with Good Mind Food

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Think of your mind like a garden. 

A garden requires just the right amount of sun, water, vitamins and minerals in order to prosper to its fullest. You also have to make sure to pull out any weeds that may threaten to take these necessities from the fruits and vegetables.

If your mind is full of negative thoughts, or weeds, you need to try to rid yourself of them as soon as possible!

Some people believe that we are fated to make the same mistakes as our parents. If your mother or father was an alcoholic, you’re doomed to make the same mistake. The problem with this way of thinking is that if this thought is constantly in your head, of course it’s likely to come true!

Instead, you need to visualize your self becoming successful. overcoming idea that you are doomed to become addicted to alcohol and creating a brighter future for yourself in your mind is the first step to achieving that desire.

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