Setting Goals – Make them Personal

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When making a big decision about your life, it can be easy to rely on others’ opinions of what is best for you. Especially when you’re not 100% sure yourself. The key to achieving your goals, however, is that they have to be your goals.

Set goals that will make you happy. Don’t set goals based one what someone else wants for you or what other people think is best for you. If your goals aren’t truly yours, it will be impossible to follow through with a positive mind.

While your friends and family often only want what’s best for you, they don’t necessarily know what will make you happy. Only you can decide that for yourself. Too many people go along with what other people want for them and end up failing or unhappy.

Don’t let your family or friends negativity stop you from trying to achieve what you want. If they don’t believe in you, you need to believe in yourself ten times more. Let your positivity help you achieve your goals.

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