What is Visualization Anyway?

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“Vision: the act or power of anticipating what will or may come to be.”

Maybe you’re asking, ‘How exactly do I go about visualizing my goals?’ or ‘Is there a right or wrong way to visualize?’

Visualizing your goals and dreams is an important tool to help you achieve them! As long as you’re keeping your thoughts positive there really isn’t a wrong way to visualize. For example, if your dream is to have a new car, keep your thoughts to how the car will feel when you sit in it, what it will smell like, and how it will feel driving down the road. Don’t, however, start thinking about what might happen if your kids accidentally spill drinks in your new car.

Keep your thought positive.

When we play out scenarios in our head we have a chance to eliminate any conflicting thoughts.

Your imagination can take you from idea to reality. Imagine what you want your life to be, and start becoming it.

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