Wishing Happiness

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If you spend anytime on social media, watching the news or reading the newspaper it seems as if the world is spinning out of control. People are angry and are sharing their anger on all digital platforms as well as in marches, protests and demonstrations. It can be overwhelming to walk in all of this anger and it can be easy to take it on if we aren’t careful.

I don’t want to become an angry person. While there are many causes I fully support, and those causes need activists who are willing to fight, I want to retain my sense of gratitude for all that I do have as well as for my brothers and sisters. One of the ways I have found I can accomplish this is by wishing happiness on other people. Wishing Happiness is a profoundly powerful way of being the light of change I need to be and retaining my light and gratitude as well.

Wishing Happiness

Wishing Happiness is one of the most simple things you can do. It takes no money, no skill, and barely any time. All you need to do is remember to do it. What I have found is that when I am feeling down is when I remember the power wishing happiness provides me and to those for whom I wish happiness.

It’s pretty simple, choose two people and wish them happiness. You don’t even need to do it out loud, just simple think to yourself “I wish them happiness”. That’s it. Do it every day and you’ll notice how quickly you feel happier and more in control. You don’t need to know the people for whom you are bestowing happiness. They can be people on the bus, the woman who works at the neighborhood drugstore or your doctor. You can wish happiness on an ex spouse, a teacher who inspired you or the person who just flipped you off in traffic. I’ve found that wishing happiness to those it might be more difficult to wish happiness upon is a much more enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Give it a try – for the next week wish happiness to two people each day and by the end of the week see if you aren’t feeling more in control, more upbeat and more positive.

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