How Are Things Right Now?

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How are things right now?

I ask myself this questions whenever I start to worry about the future. When I start to feel anxious about the deadlines I must meet, the bills that need to be paid or any of the obligations I must meet that sometimes feel overwhelming. I stop and ask myself this question so I can take stock of where things are – for real. I ask myself this question to stay in the moment, because if I don’t the weasels that scurry around my brain go into overdrive.

No matter how bad things seem to be, this simple act of taking stock, which forces me to sit in the moment, stops my brain from spiraling out of control in to full blown panic attack.

I recall watching Wayne Dyer on PBS several years ago. He was talking about stress and how it isn’t real. He used an example of carrying a bucket around and filling it up with all the stress we encounter each day. Then he emptied it out and lo and behold there was nothing in it. The point he was trying to make was that WE create our own stress. It doesn’t happen to us, we create it.

We are not the pile of unpaid bills, we are not the missed deadline, we are not the award on the fireplace mantle and we are not our car, home or boat. We create the stress that can surround those things by worrying about keeping up the appearance of having or acquiring these things.

Let it go.

As I write this, I should be stressed out. I have laundry to wash, work to complete, bills to pay, phone calls to make, forms to fill out, appearances to be made, fires to put out. Just like everyone else on the planet.

(I can feel myself getting anxious as I type that last line)

I stop, ask the question – How are things right now? and take stock of all the wonderful things I have in my life.

I have work that I love, I have access to the internet which provides so much for so many. I am safe from a deadly storm. I am surrounded by people who love me.

I am wealthy beyond belief.

I am ok.

Things are okay right now.

And I suspect they will be okay five minutes from now, and an hour from now and even tomorrow. I know all kinds of horrible things could happen, but I also know if I center my thoughts, calm the weasels down just a bit, I will remain okay.

Knowing that, makes me invincible.

So I ask you one more time, how are things right now?


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