Invest in Yourself

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2020 was a rough year. It was the year that we all gave up something, sometimes a lot of somethings, for the greater good. 2021 will see a continuation of coming together and doing some things that are sacrifices, but hopefully will benefit all of us in the near future. We continue to wear masks, we continue to social distance and now we’re beginning to get vaccinated. We’ve tried to flatten the curve and have been successful for the most part. All of our efforts seem to be paying off, though we are aware that not everyone has made it through this unscathed.


There has been an incredible amount of loss. Incalculable loss. The past year, and likely this one as well, will have placed an indelible mark on us all.

If you’re like most of us, your daily routine has changed. Even if you still go into work each day, your kids may be distance learning. If you’re working from home your daily routine has shifted. You may have put on some weight, exercised less and eaten more because it provides comfort. There’s no crime in finding comfort in a horrible situation, so please do not kick yourself for a few extra pounds or that extra glass of wine.

Invest in Yourself

We’ve all given up a great deal this past year, but it’s now time to start investing in yourself again. It is ok to spend time on things that are good for you and help you grow. Sure, it’s been easy to settle onto the couch at the end of the day – or middle of day for that matter – and log into Facebook or Twitter and let your brain melt just a little. Instead of using your free time to veg out, why not use that time to invest in your future?

What does it look like to invest in your future? It could mean something as simple as opening up a savings account and start planning for a vacation in the not too distant future. It could mean working toward turning your side gig into a permanent 9-5 job that brings you joy. It could mean losing those Covid 19 pounds and getting back in shape. It means doing something for yourself that makes you feel good and is good for you.

Health & Fitness

Depending on where you live that will look different. The gyms might still be closed where you live so working out can be a challenge. However, there are so many online workouts available now due to the pandemic you’re sure to find something that fits your lifestyle. Eating healthier might be a goal and that can be achieved through delivery services like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron or hundreds of other meal kit delivery services that have popped up.

Get Creative

Instead of rotting your brain with television or the internet each night, why not read a good book? Libraries might not be open to walk in and browse but you can access the them online and download something wonderful.

Don’t feel like reading? How about writing? Start that book you’ve been thinking about forever. Sit down and write the first sentence and see where that takes you. And if writing isn’t your thing there’s always painting, or photography or jewelry making.

The point is now is an excellent time to start something new for you after giving up so much this past year. It’s ok to focus on yourself. Now is the time to discover what brings you joy.


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