Journaling your Gratitude

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You know how much I love to practice gratitude and one of the best ways I know how is to keep a journal. Journaling is a great way to organize your thoughts, it helps you to clear your mind and sort things out, and it is especially good for jotting down the things for which we are grateful.

If you’re new to journaling, don’t worry, it’s very easy to do. In fact, there is no right or wrong way. You can journal by simply jotting down a few thoughts into your planner, you can use a notebook or an actual journal, or you can go digital and create a blog. There’s no wrong way to keep a journal. Just be sure to use whichever method is easy and the least complicated for your needs.

I like to do my journaling at the end of the day. It helps me to decompress from stressful times and it helps me to relive the days that are really great.

I make a practice of writing down at least three things each day for which I am grateful. They can be anything – a beautiful sunrise, an afternoon coffee with friends, or even a new pair of shoes.

I also like to write down my goals – short term and long term – because I believe, it can only come true if you write it down – and I want my dreams to come true. This is especially helpful if you are trying to manifest anything in your life. Whether it’s a new career, a new love interest or  something more tangible like the perfect house – whatever it is you’re trying to attract to your life, writing it down is the first step in getting it.

I read over what I have written before going to sleep. When I wake up, the first thing I do is read what I wrote the night before. It helps me to focus on gratitude before I get my first cup of coffee (when it might be a little more challenging) and it keeps me feeling positive all day long.

If you haven’t tried journaling your gratitude I encourage you to give it a shot. It has been very gratifying for me.



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