Reinventing Yourself During Covid

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Many states are beginning to open up as the summer begins, but we’re still experiencing many of the restrictions of Covid-19. The pandemic won’t be over for a while so may as well settle in and use the time to reinvent yourself.

Think of this time as an extended summer vacation during your school years. Those months between grades were a wonderful time to reinvent ourselves. To test out the person we were growing into before we went back to school and our friends. The time alone was a wonderful opportunity to try new things  – fashion, hairstyles, attitude, and philosophy – on before showing that side of us to our peers, teachers and parents.

The summer months during our k-12 years, and for some during our college years, were a great time for becoming who wanted to be, and trying on who we thought we might want to become. What works is kept, while that which doesn’t is discarded. We can stumble in the comfort and privacy of our home, and only share that which works, or feels right with our friends when school begins in the fall.

It might be wise to think of this time of Covid as an extended summer off from school and use it to reinvent ourselves. Reinvention might actually come naturally as many of the layers we carry and present to the public are torn away by isolation and frustration.

If you’ve ever wanted to try something new, but were afraid that it would be received with questioning looks from friends and colleagues, now is a great time to throw caution to the wind. Everyone understands the Covid haircut, there is no judgement.

With many forms of entertainment still unavailable, more and more people are heading outside to walk. Not only does it clear the mind, but it exercises the body. We’ve been moving our bodies more and more as time goes on, at least that’s what I have noticed in my small part of the world.

There should be no pressure to reinvent yourself, just as there should be no pressure to learn a new skill, start a new business or make any other major changes during this time, but if you are inclined to do so, and are feeling motivated to, it can be the perfect time to cocoon and reemerge as a beautiful new butterfly.

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